Our School Mission
The Alice Birney Waldorf-Inspired K-8 School Mission is to accept children with honor and respect, educate them with love, and prepare them for lives of freedom and responsibility. Children of all capabilities will learn and develop their strengths, master their weaknesses and exit Alice Birney prepared to excel in all subject areas in the high school of their choice. By graduation, students are expected to be proficient in core academic areas as well as visual and performing arts as demonstrated in their culminating 8th grade projects. Alice Birney students will be prepared and motivated to continue as life-long learners.

Mandatory Parent Meetings – August 21, August 31 or September 6
Please mark your calendars to attend either of our mandatory parent meetings.  We are looking for volunteers to assist with this meetings to help them move as quickly as possible.  This of course counts as your attendance for the mandatory meeting.  These meetings help our school immensely financially and organizationally.  E-mail alicebirneywaldorf@gmail.com to volunteer.