Dress Code

Students are actively involved in their learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Clothes worn to school must be comfortable, properly fitted, and simple. Although Alice Birney EK-8 School does not have a uniform policy, clothes and shoes must be free of brand-name labels, cartoons, graphics, distracting designs, and corporate logos. At Alice Birney, the focus is on the child, not the clothes. Students will get dirty, so plan accordingly.

Often, shoes are removed in the classroom and comfortable slippers are worn. Students may also change into rubber rain boots for outdoor play, wet weather, or nature walks. Raincoats are a must have. Alice Birney students love to play in the rain.

Students are prohibited from having the following on campus:

– Shoes with flashing lights, cartoons, or high heels

– Sandals with exposed toes or no back strap

– Nail polish (EK-6)

– Distracting hairstyles

– Writing, pictures or graphics that depict crude, profane, gang-related, sexually suggestive, or violence on clothing, jewelry, or any other body markings

– Improperly fitted or fastened pants or overalls

– Outfits that show undergarments

– Miniskirts or shorts that are above the fingertips when arms are extended to the side

– See-through fabrics, exposed midriffs, low cut tops, halter or off-shoulder tops, thin straps on tops

Students who violate the dress code will be counseled. Teachers may request that students turn their garment inside out. If the violations continue, parents will be notified and may be asked to bring appropriate clothing for students to change. Students may be given “Loaner” clothes to cover the problem temporarily. Repeated inappropriate behavior will result in more serious consequences. Friday is Tie-Dye spirit day. Students, parents, and faculty are invited to show their unity by wearing appropriate tie-dye or school spirit clothing.