GroupPicKnit-A-Thon | January 13-March 31, 2023

May 2023 update:

The Knit-a-Thon was a big success this year! Over 15 blankets were made from the squares and binding expertise of the Alice Birney community! These blankets will be donated to the Sacramento Blankets for Sacramento Kids organization, which will gift these blankets to children in need, as well as the Front Street Animal Shelter, which will use them as cozy blankets for animals while waiting to be adopted. We thank everyone for their participation and support in this community service project.

Students who submitted squares they made to the office with their names attached were entered into a drawing to represent Alice Birney at the blanket donation. Our large jar in the office was full of names and three were chosen! (names shared and celebrated via campus email)

Original text:
We are excited to be starting the Knit-a-Thon! The Knit-a-Thon is a chance for our school community to knit or crochet  squares that will be assembled into blankets. Most of the blankets will be donated to local children who are in hospitals, unhoused, or otherwise in need of warmth, as well as dogs and cats at the animal shelter. Each square made, knitted or crocheted with love from our Alice Birney community, when combined with other squares become beautiful and warm blankets, appreciated by those in need in our community. The squares, when in blanket form, provide a virtual hug from Alice Birney to the recipient of the blanket!

The “Knitty-Gritty”:

Squares need to be 20 stitches by 34 stitches or so in order to make a “perfect” square. Fold one corner to the other to check as you knit. This should make a 5” square.

If knitting at home, please only use  yarn that is washable and worsted weight or heavier (for example, no cotton yarn, no baby or bulky yarn) There will be yarn available in classrooms and in the office.

For each square knitted or crocheted, the student’s name will be entered in a drawing for the opportunity to represent Alice Birney when these completed blankets are given to the animal shelter and organization that gives the blankets to the children. Additionally, selected students will be treated to some fun after the blankets have been delivered.

Completed squares should be given to Ms. Horning at recess or during lunch. Completed squares can also be turned into the teacher or office, as long as squares are together (i.e. in a bag) and they clearly have the student’s name included, if they would like to be included in the drawing.

Students can knit or crochet at home or at school. Family and friends can also knit squares, but only current students qualify to be entered in the drawing. To be considered for the drawing, all squares must be turned in to Ms.Horning or the office, no later than Friday March 31st.

We encourage our entire Alice Birney community to participate in the Knit-a-Thon in one way or another. You could knit or crochet squares or you could…

  • Roll yarn into balls
  • Donate or make wooden knitting needles, to be used by children when knitting
  • Volunteer to become a blanketeer, who assembles knitted or crocheted squares together into a blanket

We are also in need of adult Alice Birney members to act as blanketeers (those who assemble the squares together into blankets). We will provide the squares and yarn, and basic instructions.

To help out the Knit-a-Thon by rolling yarn balls, donating/making knitting needles or becoming a blanketeer, please contact Knit-a-Thon Parent Coordinator Amanda Paskey at

We look forward to seeing your handiwork and appreciate the care and dedication you have to helping out members of our community in need.

Amanda Paskey, Knit-a-Thon Parent Coordinator
Ms. Peggy, Knit-a-Thon Staff Coordinator



Fri Dec 8 – Fri Dec 15 | 1st-6th grades- 12:20pm dismissal
Fri Dec 15 | 7th & 8th grades- 12:20pm dismissal
Dec 25- Jan 5 | Winter Break


Please include the following information when reporting an absence:

  • Parent’s name
  • Child’s full name
  • Teacher’s name
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence

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