The knit-a-thon is now in full swing! Please encourage your student(s) in the grades to knit at least one square, and secure a pledge of at least $5. Money raised through this fundraiser goes towards providing all of the materials used in our amazing handwork program at Alice Birney. The knitted squares are crocheted together into blankets and given either to organizations that provide blankets to children in need in our community, or to the Front Street animal shelter.

Pledge sheets and yarn balls can be found in the office. Completed squares can also be turned in to the office. All pledges and completed squares need to be turned in by Friday March 6.

If you have any questions about the Knit-a-Thon, you can direct them to Amanda Paskey (Knit-a-Thon parent coordinator) at, or Mr. Hurtado (Knit-a-Thon staff coordinator).