Friday Market Place

Seasonal and locally grown produce are the prominent feature each week along with handmade crafts.

In compliance with the Healthy Foods Task Force, avoid “cakes, cookies, and the like” staying away from baked goods, pre-packaged and processed foods.

You can also contact Andrea Cunningham at for more information or to get recipes pre-approved.

Below is a list of suggested items that can be offered at Friday Market:

Fruit kabobs

Vegetable kabobs

Fruit and veggie smoothies

Fruit and yogurt parfaits (no toppings, just to be safe)

Cheese and vegetables

Hummus and vegetables

Lean meat and cheese rollups

Salsa and vegetables

Cucumber and yogurt dip and veggies

Popcorn (no butter and salt to be safe): parmesan cheese, cinnamon and cayenne pepper are options

Soups, home‐made, low sodium

Roasted potatoes with herbs (rosemary, lavender, etc.)

Whole fruit (apples, grapes, etc)

Note: Crafts and non-edible items do not need to go through the office and can be brought straight to the tables to sell.