Friday Market Place

Based on Alice Birney’s Vision Plan from August 2014, one of the community’s goals was to improve the food quality on campus. With new Federal Food regulations that started that July, it gave Alice Birney staff and parents the opportunity to set the example and raise the standards of what is provided to students. Healthy Food rules for all school fundraising is listed below. These apply to food on campus during the day and within fifteen minutes of the start or end of the school day, including class fundraising for Friday Markets established by the Alice Birney staff.

  • Seasonal and locally grown produce are to be the prominent feature each week along with handmade crafts. Here are some ideas that have sold well in the past:
    • Fruit or veggie kabob
    • Veggies and salsa
    • Fruit with sunflower butter
    • Baked potato or sweet potato (salsa, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.)
    • Home popped popcorn (cayenne, cinnamon, etc.)
    • Plants or flowers
    • Hot tea or iced tea infused with: mint, apple slices, lemon, honey, etc.
    • Spa waters (cucumber, lemon, mint, etc.)
    • Corn on the cob with variety of spices
    • Baked kale, potato, sweet potato chips or fries with herbs
    • Frozen fruit bites, purees, or skewers
    • Pumpkin or sunflower seeds with various herbs or seasonings
    • Homemade beans or soups
    • Nonfat cheeses or yogurts
    • Home cooked beans or soups
  • No candy, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, soda/soft drinks, or the like.
  • Food that is permissible to sell must meet certain nutritional requirements (e.g. no trans fats, low sodium, whole grains only, limited sugar content, etc.). Failure to comply could result in the federal government withholding reimbursement for the cost of our school lunch program.