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At Alice Birney, we save competitive sports until grade 4 (soccer, basketball, baseball, etc.). We believe this is healthy because it allows children to stay in the world of imagination and practice skills using their whole body before the confines of rules, teams, and scores. After grade 4, children are more developmentally ready to play competitive games when referees/umpires are not present and they must self-regulate. Playground rules are followed for all games.

District Team Sports

Competitive team sports are played in middle school, grades 7 and 8. Students must be able to manage the demands of an extra-curricular activity while maintaining all of their class work. This will be monitored by having students take the responsibility to:

  • Obtain each teacher’s signature for each class, each week, the Friday before the following week of practice and competitions. Grades and behavior must be acceptable, including specialty classes.
  • Students must maintain 70% or better in every class or have teacher’s permission for the following week to play in the games and participate in the competitions. Failure to achieve 70% for 3 weeks consecutively will result in being dropped for the team.
  • Students must attend Study Hall supervised by the coaches before each practice for 30-45 minutes (Advanced Orchestra students are excused from the study hall).