The participation of ALL parents is essential for Alice Birney School to provide the many opportunities and activities for students that make the school unique and students successful. An important aspect of our education is that children see parents and teachers working together in the classroom, the gardens, at school festivals and in the home. Children learn directly the value of group cooperation, dedication, problem-solving and hard work. School staff and parents work together to be worthy of imitation and to set the example for children to follow. Parent participation develops and maintains a naturally beautiful environment for the children inside and outside of the school.

We are asking each parent to volunteer for three things this year.  If everyone would help with three things, we would have the support needed for EVERYTHING at our school. This can mean anything from helping at a Friday market (donating goods and/or selling), taking home the laundry for the class, helping take care of a small patch of the landscape, picking up something for a teacher while you are out shopping, helping at a fundraising or community event (Winter Faire, Earth and Vine, Knit-a-thon) or taking a lead position for an event or festival. There are HUNDREDS of opportunities at our school. Some are classroom-based and can be done from home, some are on campus but can be done on your own time, some are larger in scope and require more commitment and time. The thing to remember is that no matter what your schedule, there are three things you can do for your community here. Studies have shown there is a great benefit to children who have parents that are actively involved in school. Let us help you find the three ways that you can help out. Feel free to email alicebirneywaldorf@gmail.com or talk with your teacher if you have any questions about how to get involved


Tue. October 19 | Guild meeting, 5:30pm (zoom)

Fri. November 5 | Grades 7 & 8 ONLY: 12:20pm dismissal

Thu. November 11 | Veteran’s Day (no school)


Email: alicebirneyattendance@gmail.com
or call: 916-395-4510, press 1

Please include the following information:
Parent’s name
Child’s full name
Teacher’s name
Date(s) of absence
Reason for absence

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