Before & After School Enrichment Program

The Alice Birney Enrichment Program is a before and after school program supported by the Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center located at Alice Birney. The Program builds on the values held by the Alice Birney community and is guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf education. It is open to grades EK-8 and accepts Child Action. Through ongoing training of Team Leaders in the Waldorf Methods and hiring of prospective Waldorf teachers, the Enrichment Program is able to create a Waldorf experience for students after school. We are also fully Licensed by the State of California.

Program hours are 7am – 6pm with limited holiday closures.

Please contact Iris Rodriguez, Program Director, at or 583-0071

ABE Newsletter May June 2016

ABE Fees Schedule 2016

ABE 2016-2017 Registration Packet